Filter Section

Schmidt's filter section provides two parallel main signal paths (Group 1 and 2). This allows for two very different and complex sound components in parallel, derived from the oscillator signal mix.

Both Groups consist of a classic Moog-style VCF with resonance, a dedicated envelope and an LFO for cutoff modulation as well as a dual multimode filter that can be set up and modulated in various ways. VCF and dual multimode filters can be continously crossfaded from parallel to serial configuration.

The modulation sources of filter section groups 1 and 2 can work in sync or completely independent of each other.

VCF 3 is a simple but very effective lowpass filter that adds even more of that lovely girth and analog squelch to the sound.

VCF 1/2
24db lowpass filter with resonance Cutoff modulation/control:
Dual Filter 1/2
Dual multimode filter with resonance Lowpass, highpass, notch- and bandpass configurations Cutoff/Space modulation/control: Filter Section 1